Candy Crush Strategy

Candy Crush Techniques

Candy Crush is one of the most addicting games ever. And because of this there are some people who are pretty obsessed with it. The best players have their own Candy Crush techniques they implement and use to beat those extra difficult levels. At the beginning of the game, you can just do about anything to win. But once you hit Level 65, things start to get serious.

There are no shortages of annoying elements in Candy Crush; from chocolate blocks to licorice to time bombs, and so on. These things just make Candy Crush that much harder, and that much more fun and addictive. So as you start to encounter these horrible items, you need to be prepared to deal with them.

One of the things you need to decide to do is whether or not you are willing to spend money on Candy Crush. If you are playing on your phone, you know how expensive and tempting those in-app purchases are. But if you really want to beat the game, playing without power ups and extra moves is recommended.

Make use of your special or power candies. Keep in mind that sometimes it is best not to use the special candies right away. If you save them, you may get another special candy that you can match with the other special one. But if you need the special candy to clear something out, then you should definitely use it. It just depends on your current situation in the level.

Also you need to clear chocolate squares as soon as possible. Those things will spread like a disease if you don’t get rid of them. It is suggested that it would be top priority when starting a level with chocolate. If the chocolate is trapped, then you need to think and be careful before you make the matches that will release the chocolate.

You also want to clear time bombs as soon as possible. Clear them when you get the opportunity because if you put it off, then it could explode. And if it explodes, then you have lost the level.

You want to study the board before making your moves. Especially on levels where you don’t have many moves to work your strategy. Also, when you have to bring ingredients to the bottom you need to really plan, especially if there are warps involved. You want to only make moves that will help you bring the cherries and hazelnuts to the bottom.

Clear locked candies, like licorice, as soon as possible. Letting these candies live could later end up costing you the level. Licorice prevents you from using striped candies protecting candies that are out of reach. So getting rid of the licorice is something you want to do quickly because you only have so many moves.

Depending on your situation, finishing the level in as few moves as possible may not be a good choice if you are going for a high score. If you have plenty of moves left, then it may be a good choice to get a few more power candies before finishing the level. That way more power candies will go off when the ‘Sugar Crush’ bonus round starts. It’s up to you. If you just want to finish the level, then go for it. But if you are going for three stars, then it may be smarter to get a few more power candies.

In closing, these are just some tips and techniques you can use to defeat those difficult and seemingly impossible levels. But honestly, a lot of Candy Crush wins means just getting lucky. Maybe these Candy Crush techniques will help you beat a few levels that you might have been stuck on.

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