Candy Crush Strategy

Candy Crush Scoring

Candy Crush has quickly become a phenomenon, and how could it not with a name like Candy Crush? It’s fun to say all on it’s own. The game has a simple concept. You match candy. It’s a puzzle game that starts off as incredible easier, but later becomes pull-your-hair-out challenging.

Candy Crush’s scoring methods are different from other games. Like any other color matching game, you get points for making matches. In Candy Crush, though, you get additional points for making matches of 4 or 5 candies, or for making L or T shaped matches. Because of all the elements of the game and how each level differs, the scoring methods are fairly complex.

For each level, there is a minimum score you must reach. No matter what else you have to do, whether it’s to clear all the jelly or bring down the ingredients, there is always a minimum score. If you don’t reach that score, then you do not get to pass that level. It is just another aspect of the game that makes it so frustrating. You beat a difficult level, but you didn’t reach the score. If you only get the minimum score, then you get a bronze star. There are, also, yellow and green stars for when you get a better score. It may not be all that traditional to have a bronze star first, then a yellow, and a green thereafter. But it is not something that people care enough about to complain. It is simple, just go for the gold or green!

After you’ve beaten a level, there is a bonus round called the ‘Sugar Crush’. The player doesn’t actually do anything, but you usually get a lot of points. The more moves you ended the level with, the more points you are likely to get in the Sugar Crush round. So it’s smart to try to end the level with as many moves as possible.



Accomplishing an objective in a level gives you a good number of points. For example, if you bring an ingredient to the bottom, then you automatically get extra points. It is more motivation to bring down those cherries and hazelnuts. As the game gets more difficult, more frustrating elements are introduced that are also worth extra points. So accomplishing whatever you have to do to beat the level isn’t only important for beating the level, but it will get you extra points as well.

Creating a special candy also gets you extra points. You create a special candy by matching 4 or 5 candies, or by creating either a T or L shaped formation. Then using these candies also generates points. If you combine the special candies, then you are only going to be generating more points.

Normally when you match three pieces of candy, you get 120 points. But if you match a candy, then accidentally match a few more, you get more points. So you want to try to match as much candy as you can with each move you have. Of course, you can’t always be just matching for your score. You still need to accomplish the objective of the level as well.

Candy Crush has a fairly complex scoring system because of the randomness of the game, and because every level is different. There are different objectives you may have to accomplish in order to beat the level. Accomplishing this as soon as possible is usually a good plan because then you will get a better Sugar Crush round. But if you don’t reach the target score, do not worry because everyone obsessed has been there. Keep at it and eventually you will reach the score you need.

Candy Crush Scoring

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