Candy Crush Strategy

Candy Crush Scoring for Standard Combinations

Because the score on Candy Crush tallies up so fast, the actual value of each move may be a bit of a mystery. Following is some information to provide you with some details on how much each combination is actually worth.

The basic points received from a standard 3 candy combination is 60 points. However, if after crushing one set of candies, while another one comes down, if that happens to crush, the second set of candies that get crushed in the same move will result in 120 points for that combination (60 x 2). If you happen to have yet another standard 3 candy combination in that same move, that will be worth 180 (60 x 3). Each subsequent set will multiple in the amount of points they are valued at.

Now, if you happen to do a 4 candy combination, instead of 60 points, it will be worth 120, and each subsequent set will be multiplied similar to the above example.

A 5 candy combination would be worth 200 points (and also, if it happens from within a series of moves, the points will be multiplied depending on how many combinations you crushed in the same move.

So for example, say you crush 3 candies, that gives you 60 points.

While those candies come down, a 4 candy combination automatically crushes. That gives you 240 points (120 x 2).

Then while those candies come down, a 5 candy combination automatically crushes. That gives you 600 points (200 x 3).

This is not accounting for special combinations (ie, if the second combination has a striped or wrapped candy in it) … that will be more points in addition to the above.

Have fun racking up points!

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